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Find A Hobby

Our daily life is fraught with stress – from jobs, kids, school, bills to relationships – the reasons could be endless. Find a hobby which can be effective in preventing some of the inevitable stress by bringing out the creative best in us and at the same time keep us distracted from our daily mundane life. You may either choose to pick up an indoor or an outdoor hobby. Spending time engaging in an enjoyable activity not attached to work or commitments will enrich you with personal satisfaction. So, get outdoors or make your indoor life creative, because it is never too late to start a hobby!

Benefits of a hobby can be manifold. While being instrumental in relieving stress, a hobby can be quite effective in warding off depression. A recent study in ‘Anorexia Nervosa (AN – Eating Disorder)found that 74% of the patients reported, that they were able to reduce their anxiety levels when they were pre-occupied with knitting. A more creative hobby like gardening or cooking or even painting brings out the creative best in you. Some may even engage themselves in singing or playing some musical instrument. Such hobbies help you explore your talents.

With newer challenges and experiences, it only elevates you to a height of virtuosity. A lot of people de-stress themselves by taking up some sport as hobbies. While playing rugby, cricket, tennis or even swimming and cycling challenge your physical mettle, a game of chess, on the other hand, improves your memory.

Certain social responsibilities like children learning programmes, destitute child care, old-age home maintenance are fantastic ways to give back to society. These elevate you as a human being and instill in you, a sense of purpose. Some hobbies can be excellent ways to transition to retirement and become profitable sources of income. What started as a hobby by starting a small social media website for students at the Harvard University, Facebook is now a cult and the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is estimated at $70 million today.

Still can’t think of a hobby? Need some help in hobby counselling? Look no further! ‘The Hobbies and Interest Register’ is a leading online directory especially customized to give you all the detailed information regarding some quality leisure time service provider near you. Type your location and finalize your hobby, today!

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